Leading Maritime Solutions Provider with 1,000+ Clients

- SaaS solution provider in the maritime industry
- Staff has over 160 years of combined industry knowledge
- 24/7 global support
- 75% of the tanker market uses our Q88.com solution
- 85% of the major parcel tanker owners/operators use Milbros.com
- Q88Dry.com has tripled in size in the past year

About Us

Q88 LLC was spun off from Heidmar in 2008 and is considered, by many in the industry, to be at the forefront of information technology for the maritime industry. We provide SaaS based subscription solutions like www.Q88.com that we market to the worldwide tanker fleet, www.Milbros.com for the chemical/product tanker fleet and www.Q88Dry.com for the dry bulk fleet. We have over 1,000 clients on six continents with an aggregate fleet of over 8,000 ships using our solutions. Our clients also tell us that our support and service after the sale is the best in the industry.